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Clear Recovery, LLC

A Sober Living & Halfway House located in Asheville, NC

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Clear Recovery, LLC is a sober living & halfway house located in Asheville, NC.
We strive to provide a safe environment, and affordable transitional housing for addicts and alcoholics seeking recovery in a sober living & halfway house environment.


Clear Recovery aims to provide a safe and drug/alcohol free environment, as well as affordable transitional housing to addicts/alcoholics seeking recovery in a halfway house environment.


Clear Recovery offers a unique approach to traditional sober living homes. Each unit houses between three and five individuals. We believe smaller units encourage closer bonds and keep everyone highly accountable.


Our clients vary in their past experiences as well as the time which they have been living a clean, sober lifestyle. Each person offers a unique perspective of support to new members.


At Clear Recovery, everyone gets a fresh start. Our goal is to help you succeed in your decision of living a clean, sober lifestyle. Our rules are established to help guide you in reaching your potential.

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